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New starter spotlight: Gavin Maher

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New starter spotlight: Gavin Maher, Underwriter in the Motor Fleet team at MX Underwriting Europe

We recently sat down with Gavin Maher, the newest member of MX Underwriting Europe's Motor Fleet team. Gavin brings with him a clear understanding of how the insurance industry operates. Motivated by the sector's reputation for providing long-term career prospects, Gavin embarked on his journey into insurance, recognising it as a resilient field even in the face of economic fluctuations.

Gavin's career journey so far

Gavin's career trajectory reflects his commitment to the insurance sector. Starting out in an administrative role at ARB Underwriting, he gradually transitioned into underwriting, specialising in Personal Lines for Motorhomes & Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) at KennCo Underwriting. With over 15 years of experience under his belt, Gavin now channels his expertise into the Motor Fleet segment at MX Underwriting Europe.

Insights into the Irish motor market: Gavin's observations

Over the years, Gavin has witnessed the evolution of the Irish motor market. Regulatory changes have been pivotal, fostering increased consumer protection and transparency. Simultaneously, technological advancements, particularly in data analytics, have revolutionised underwriting processes, making them more efficient and effective.

Forecasting the future: Gavin's expectations for the motor market

Looking ahead, Gavin foresees a landscape ripe for further digital transformation. He anticipates that insurers will increasingly invest in cutting-edge technology to not only streamline processes but also to elevate customer experiences to new heights. Moreover, Gavin's insights are keenly attuned to the evolving environmental landscape, where he predicts a notable shift towards incentivising eco-friendly drivers and vehicles. As sustainability concerns gain momentum, Gavin envisions a definitive change in consumer behaviour, driving demand for environmentally conscious transport solutions.

Why MX Underwriting Europe? Gavin's attraction to the company

Gavin was drawn to MX Underwriting Europe by the company's reputation as a trusted advisor and its position as a benchmark setter in niche industries within the insurance sector. The welcoming interview process and the opportunity to be part of a growing business further solidified his decision.

With a dedicated team of specialist Underwriters, MX Underwriting Europe is renowned for its innovative underwriting solutions and commitment to providing the best coverage and pricing possible. Gavin recognised MX Underwriting Europe as a platform where he could leverage his experience and strengthen existing broker relationships. Gavin saw MX Underwriting Europe as an environment where his underwriting skills would be celebrated and where he could actively engage with broker partners to deliver bespoke solutions for clients, aligning perfectly with his professional ethos and goals.

Initial Impressions of MX Underwriting Europe

Upon joining MX Underwriting Europe, Gavin was struck by the company's exciting potential. He perceives the company as a dynamic organisation poised for growth, and he is eager to contribute to its success while expanding his knowledge of the insurance market.

“It’s exciting here and we’re building towards something exciting.” – Gavin Maher, Underwriter

Gavin's aspirations at MX Underwriting Europe

In his new role, Gavin harbours aspirations centred on career progression and the enrichment of his knowledge within the insurance industry. He sees MX Underwriting Europe as an ideal platform for continuous learning and development, where he can seize ample opportunities for professional growth. With a commitment to expanding his expertise and honing his skills, Gavin is eager to immerse himself in the dynamic environment at MX Underwriting Europe, embracing every challenge as a chance to further his career and make meaningful contributions to the company's success.

Gavin's affinity for learning

For Gavin, the most enjoyable aspect of his new role lies in learning about the Motor Fleet product and its criteria. Each day presents new challenges that allow him to expand his expertise and contribute to the team's success.

Gavin's arrival at MX Underwriting Europe signals a promising chapter for both him and the company. With his experience, insights and enthusiasm, Gavin is poised to make valuable contributions to the Motor Fleet team, strengthening MX Underwriting Europe's position in the insurance market.

Find out more about our Motor Fleet offering or get in touch with the Commercial team.

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